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Tara Brooke has spent years enjoying a successful modeling career traveling the world. This, in turn, has led her to become the face and spokesperson for many of the top nutrition companies. Armed with that success, Tara is now part of the team that created and founded sevenpoint2 a fast growing network marketing company whose mission is to alkalize the world.

Tara is a dedicated career woman who works as a full-time entrepreneur, is a devoted wife, and mother of two small children, and is an empowering muse for countless others. She is a person who is committed to the uplifting of individuals' lives, providing encouragement and advocating for better, higher, deeper, healthier living all-round!

Tara's latest quest to positively impact the world is her inspirational book titled: Beautiful Ambition.

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Tara is an amazing example that no matter how difficult your childhood is….you can still have a warm loving heart, a love of life, and a spiritual light that will guide you into becoming a wonderful person….the kind that Tara has become today!

Michael King, CEO, King World Productions
The leading worldwide distributor of first-run programming, including the two highest-rated, first-run strips in syndication, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy, OPRAH (The Oprah Winfrey Show), television's highest-rated syndicated newsmagazine, Inside Edition, Dr. Phil, Everybody Loves Raymond, Hollywood Squares, The Little Rascals, etc.

Tara Brooke promises that following a precise plan, one she lays out in great detail with all of the dos and don'ts, will bring you "a happy, resilient, and optimistic life." After studying her book, "Beautiful Ambition", I'm convinced she is right! When you want a guidebook that is spot on with the what's, when's, whys and how's all incorporated in one easy to follow reference, you can't go wrong with "Beautiful Ambition". Tara shares herself with an innocent vulnerability that is refreshing and encourages trust. If success has a blueprint, Tara is an excellent architect!

Eldon Taylor, Ph.D.
FAPA, Talk Show Host and New York Times Best Selling Author of Choices and Illusions and Mind Programming

Just a few of the many gems you will take away from the book:

If you are ready to live your life with passion, pick up a copy of Beautiful Ambition today.